Saturday, January 11, 2014

101 Uses of Barriers!

Just kidding, we only have 60 uses for our barriers. We made barriers for our classes over winter break and used them for the first time in class this week! The barriers are made of corrugated plastic cardboard and duct tape, and are extremely versatile. (See for instructions on how to make your own.) We first started using them at dog camp last year, and are continually amazed by how many uses they have! Here are the uses we have come up with, do you have any of your own?

  1. Divide the classroom into multiple stations
  2. Manage reactive dogs
  3. Manage reactive handlers!
  4. Provide a visual barrier for reactive dogs
  5. Work on out of sight stays
  6. Take a nap where the campers can’t see you!
  7. Teach recalls with two dogs running side by side at one time
  8. Build A MAZE!
  9. Make heeling patterns
  10. Perfect your out of sight recall
  11. Make bedrooms for campers
  12. Recall with handler hiding
  13. Corral enthusiastic teenagers
  14. Build forts
  15. Make boxes so treiball doesn’t run away
  16. Build part of an obstacle course
  17. Make a spectator area (spectators WANDER)
  18. Corral tennis balls
  19. Safe place for shy/ fearful dog
  20. Keep trainers safe from people aggressive dogs
  21. Make sure people stay where you put them
  22. Observe dogs without interfering with dog/ handler
  23. Cover crates
  24. Make dividers between crates
  25. Keep dogs from extracting nearby items into their crates
  26. Separate dogs with food toys
  27. Allow multiple dogs and handlers to work off leash with less visual stimuli
  28. Teach straight backing up
  29. Make a flyball lane
  30. Teach go around
  31. Blind retrieves
  32. JUMPS (accidently)
  33. Whiteboards you can only KIND of erase
  34. Doors
  35. “Junk pile” hiding (otherwise known as supplies)
  36. Mat behavior
  37. Napping
  38. Rain protection
  39. Frosting fights protection
  40. Dog painting surface
  41. Decorations
  42. Riot Gear (if the rioters were armed with water and frosting)
  43. Sunshade
  44. A very sad stage
  45. Backdrops for pictures
  46. Movie Props
  47. Barricades for launched ammunition (dumbbells, dog treats, cupcakes)
  48. Biggest book ever!
  49. Time out area
  50. Hiding place
  51. Hide and Seek
  52. Doorway block
  53. Ducks in a row
  54. Herding cats
  55. Window Block
  56. Playpen for rats!
  57. Place to put your leash
  58. Coat hanger
  59. Separating crazy playing shelties!(or any breed)
  60. Doggie racetrack!