Friday, March 14, 2014

Almost Spring!! Dog Parkour Preview

Here at Adventure Unleashed, we are extremely excited that it is almost spring! Spring means more hiking, backpacking trips, outdoor play and perhaps most excitingly, Outdoor Dog Parkour is back!! We decided to celebrate the first hint of nice weather with our Outdoor Dog Parkour Preview, a free class designed to show dogs and humans what Dog Parkour is all about. The dogs learned all about balancing, climbing, going through and under objects and most importantly, working with and having fun with their owners!

Sky practicing balancing and turning on the wall.

Allie climbing between two benches
Ruthie being extremely brave.
Parkour can build confidence in shy and fearful dogs!
Agnes practicing going under.
Brindley weaving through the bike racks.
Magnum balancing on a very tricky rock wall.

Carlos practicing sits on strange surfaces (Remember Carlos!? He was one of our dogs from our shelter workshop)

                          Puppy Parkour graduate, Lucy
                 practicing walking on strange surfaces.