Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Capital Area Humane Society Dog Parkour Workshop!

Everyone had a lot of fun at our first Dog Parkour (Urban Agility) workshop with Capital Area Humane Society dogs and volunteers! We believe that dog training should be fun for everyone regardless of skill level and experience. Training shelter dogs is often frustrating for volunteers as they don't think they are making progress of succeeding.  Dog parkour is a great activity for shelter dogs because it increases their confidence, builds positive associations with working with people, and tires them out physically and mentally!

We had six awesome dogs and volunteers for this workshop. All the dogs are looking for a good home! Here is what we have learned about the dogs in the hour we worked with them.

Carlos: Carlos is an 11 month old Lab mix. He loves to play ball and train, and has lots of potential as a sports dog or active companion.

Luther: Luther is a year old lab mix that loves people and is a goofy, fun dog looking for an owner with a sense of humor similar to his.
                                                                        Gabe: Gabe is a 3 year old Pittie mix. He likes to work and train, and is very focus when working. He would enjoy a home who will teach him new things , and take him on adventures.

Baloo: Baloo is a 2 year old Pittie mix. He was incredibly focused when training and has great awareness of how his body works. He would love an active home that is ready to give him the time and training he wants.

Liz Lemon: Liz Lemon is a year old Pittie Mix. In addition to having the most adorable ears, Liz Lemon  loves butt scratches and gives things a thoughtful consideration before leaping in.

Sunny: Sunny is a 2 year old Lab mix. Sunny would love to show you everything she knows and what a good dog she can be. She is a parkour rockstar and a really fun dog!