Monday, November 11, 2013

Dazz Week 4: Urban Agility (Dog Parkour) For Conditioning and Rehab

Dazz has been making steady progress, enough to do well at a weekend of dog camp with slippery floors and a decent amount of stairs! At home she’s able to go down the stairs in control, and takes a step on every one rather than sliding or jumping down any. Here’s what we’ve been working on:

Feet in an object: Using boxes, laundry baskets, and even a round sled, we’re working on hind feet awareness and balance by stepping into and out of things. With smaller things we shoot for two feet at a time. This is especially difficult in the back as she has to narrow her stance and focus on balance.

Feet on an object: This week we’ve practiced putting her front feet on a box and stepping down one foot at a time. This way she has to balance and lower herself slowly.

Backing: Still working on backing up, but her endurance is improving. She no longer ends in a sit, but a stand!

Dazz Squats: We’ve invented a new Dazz exercise! I kneel down and have Dazz put her front paws across my leg. She then sits and stands back up. Ideally, this will build into sitting and standing with her paws on a box or step, but right now she still needs her front legs to help pull.

Vet Note: Dazz continues to do well and show small signs of improvement. It was nice to see her able to navigate slippery floors and stairs. On multiple occasions, she was making purposeful movements with her back feet, especially when placing them in an object. The plan is to continue pushing the proprioception and range of motion exercises while gradually increasing the strengthening components.