Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Camps, Workshops and Classes!

We have been quite busy at Adventure Unleashed, and are very excited to be able offer new adventures for you and your dog!

Our dog parkour class is starting June 30th, at Battelle Riverfront Park in Downtown Columbus. This unique class  allows you to have fun with your dog while exploring and finding unique ways to interact with the city environment. In this class we'll cover safety, object interaction, balance, climbing, jumping and more.  In order to make attending class more convenient for you this will be a flex schedule class. What this means is you pay for six sessions of class, and come when it works best for you!

In addition to the dog parkour class we will have a dog parkour workshop on Saturday July 6th at Battelle Riverfront Park in Downtown Columbus. This workshop will cover the same basic material as the class, but will only meet for one session that is two hours in length.

Adult Dog Camp will be held August 31st- Sept 2nd (Labor Day Weekend) at the Houston's Country Dream Resort near Marietta, Ohio. This event is based off of our original camp, the Ohio 4-H Teen Dog Experience. This camp is not designed to be competitive in nature, but instead has a focus on trying new activities, building a relationship with your dog, having fun, making new friends, and improving teaching and training skills. More details about camp will be available soon, but it is open to adults 18+ that love to try new things with their dog.

Keep an eye out for our fall/ winter teen weekend dog camp. It will be held near Youngstown Ohio and will be open to teens ages 13-18.

We will be presenting two TAGTeach webinars this summer! One will be a TAGTeach Parkour webinar in July, the other is a TAGTeach Dog Camp Webinar in August.

We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions, let us know if you have any!